Monday, 24 December 2012

Unwelcome guests....Arrrgh!

Oh my goodness! I really need to vent! Talk about unwelcome guests, who hasn't had them before? I'm sure a lot of people have had nasty experiences with them at one time or the other. If your answer is negative, then you are being economical with the truth. They can be so difficult to get rid of! Don't get me wrong o, I'm very a very warm and accommodating person on a good day, but there's a limit to what one can accommodate and I doubt if anyone likes being taken for granted all the time (I'm sooo upset!) .

 I remember how it all started, you see, when we first moved to our present neighborhood  I was bored to the point that any kind of "distraction" was welcome. I won't stoop so low as mentioning their names, I prefer to collectively refer to them as shameless, irritating creatures ( Please! Allow me!! I have every right to use any derogatory name I want, I've been pushed to the wall here!). When they started coming over to our house, I didn't count it as anything, after all, we were new in the neighborhood and I chalked it up to curiosity on their part, meanwhile they were cunningly using that opportunity to check out our house, mentally taking stock and quietly filing away information for future use.

Today one of them will come over, the next visit, you see two of them. I didn't mind really, after all "entertaining" them wasn't going to break the bank so to speak, as long as they didn't come with their whole family I wasn't really bothered (One would think at my age I should know better).
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My displeasure surfaced when they started getting too familiar and even started acting as if they contributed to the rent and upkeep of the house (co-tenant by force! Mscheeww!!). They became a big nuisance, especially in respect of food (Yeah, I'm a fantastic cook) always in the kitchen and forever looking for anything to eat. Sometimes, It's almost as if they have internal radars that go off automatically when I've just finished cooking, that's when they turn up! Is it that my house is now fast food joint or buka ni? They are so shameless!

They just kept coming back, haba!!!  That aside, you won't believe I've even had instances where I've caught them checking out the bedrooms upstairs! Even Nan's room isn't left out. So nosy! It's like there's no word like "boundary" in their dictionaries ( that is if they have one sef!). What kind of over familiarity is that?? Oga has been pretending not to see what has been happening, that's his way of saying "Willow it's your headache, please sort it out and don't involve me". I don't blame him though, after all he warned me initially when he noticed them always turning up and I didn't act decisively then *sigh*.

Thank God I've finally had enough of them and I've taken necessary actions to end their menace. If I hadn't  done it, I would have been overwhelmed in my own home.  Although all my initial, subtle actions to get rid of them  didn't work,  I've had to take more drastic measures to see them off for good.

It might seem harsh, but frankly that's the only workable option left for me......... They all have to die. Yep! I'm gonna poison them all!

Dirty, stinking rats and roaches! Dem no respect me in that house at all!! Thunder fire them!!
Written by: Willow


Becqui Nicholas said...

Hahahaha you're so funny.. Initially,I felt you were refering to human beings not knowing that,your unwanted guests were rats and roaches..abeg poison them jare.

Thanks for visiting my blog..hope to be seeing you often.


Lol....your own are even still visitors. In some homes, some have become landlords.

DiDi said...

LmAo..allow..its christmas lol