Thursday, 20 December 2012

"Stop lying about your slap"Witness blasts Karen Igho

Ok,so we all heard about the incidence where Karen Igho alleged she was slapped by a security guard at a Sminorff event over the weekend.
 Her reason was that she refused to give him money which he asked for.
Well,some one who claims to have witnessed the show down is disputing Karen's version of the story
Click to see the tweets...quite interesting...

 I repeat it wasn't a mopol dat slapped u. Ksquare security guard slapped u cos u were formin celebritu without ticket
 FYI d guy didn't run after hitting u . He was there till d end of d show only dat u didn't get in.
@Karen_Ighoso learn to tell d truth n stop lying. Celebrity my foot
 he didn't ask u 4 money and he wasn't wit a gun. U were forming celebrity without ticket. U deserved d slap 4 ur behaviour
 as a mad girl u started fighting him and then he pushed u. So stop d lies
 that u r a celebrity and u need no pass. He told u, u can't go in witout a pass then u starting insulting him. He slapped u
 u came 4 d event without a pass and d security asked u 4 ur pass then u told him if he knew u were a celebritykeira S Lowdha
 it wasn't even a police man it was Ksquare securities. He slapped u and he didn't even hav a gun so why r u lying
 Hi karen stop lying abt dis ur slap. I was @ d smirnoff event I saw everything



Quite interesting! It sounded strange to me that a mopol would demand money at an event to the extent of pointing a gun at her. I know it happens but only on highways and not evening events.I am entirely against violence against women but when a woman deviates from acting like a lady and starts acting like a street thug, then she should be prepared for whatever she gets. Respect is reciprocal. You cannot expect respect when you don't respect yourself and others. I don't blame her though for feeling she's a celebrity, I blame all those who sell that lie to her on twitter. Pride goes before a fall.

DiDi said...

There is always 3 sides to every story.. His-hers-the truth