Sunday, 23 December 2012

Get Familiar- Gold Emeronye Dishes on Career, Love,and Lots More!

Gold emeronye or kudy gold as she is fondly called is a blend of good looks, creativity, and the list goes on.
In this interesting interview, she revealed the industrious and ambitious side of her ...enjoy!
 Who is Gold Emereonye?
Gold is medical student in Ukraine from Nigeria...who loves the world of entertainment whether fashion, music or just news.
How old are you?
I am 22
Are you in a Relationship?
 hahaha how do they say it on Facebook it's complicated
What's your favorite color?
What inspired you to study Medicine?
you mean besides the hope of getting an education and getting comfortable later in life i would say for me i have always admired these two professions law and medicine.. so here i am medicine...
Do you have any other Aspirations aside your career Job?
 i love reading a lot..i do hope to have one of the biggest book clubs in the world, where people can come in and rent books, buy them and a library to sit and read if they have the time and Fashion! clothes! i haven't decided what i will do with my love for that yet.
How's love life? Any Secret Crush? If yes...*Coughs* would love to hear?
 lol thats number 3 repeat naw...really its been interesting so far! how interesting i cant tell, its my private life..but i can tell u this., its not stagnant or boring either.
 My secret crush omg! the whole world knows i am still not over trey Songz...
How are you coping with the cold weather here?
the weather is terrible..the cold, my frozen body parts and the slippery floor and its not just winter, the summer is annoyingly hot but i guess i have no option but to get used to know you do what you have to do for a good education
What are your hobbies?
dancing, gisting, reading especially romantic novels,hanging out with my friends,and of course taking pictures  *addicted*
What do you love in a guy?
 physically u must be tall (i am tall too i need to wear my heels with u) and not bad looking, u must not b d best dresser or something but you should know how to dress smart, i need him to be attractive for me to always have a reason to re-admire him and remind myself why am in that relationship when he pisses me off but the truth is not the outside that matters most its the inside, for me a guy should know how to talk and be entertaining or at least know d right things to say, be interesting, not boring so we could have something to talk about cos i like talkinggg, i hate going on a date and the guy is just staring at me.. I dislike pride have a lil, its ok but in excess its annoying and most importantly understanding cos if he doesn't have that it wont work, basically be ok not compulsorily perfect...
Any Wedding Plans...(certainly, i guess)
hehehe not any time soon
What Do you think attracts people to you?
lol has to be my smile..i v d greatest smile but really i think its my personality,i don't know how to bear grudges, i like joking with everybody and anybody, cos i always say if i share laughter with someone then i have bought over a new friend and won an impending enmity.
What do you want from santa this xmas?
a Bugatti Veyron, lol, ermm ...Santa please surprise me with a new pleasant gift.


Anonymous said...

fine girl, was expectin more from question no8, nice one ada

Anonymous said...

the babe fyn no be small sha,lovin the interview.u should do more of this

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i love girls like this

Anonymous said...

What did u expect,u don spoil finish..smh

diva said...

Waiting for brigtino's comment

Anonymous said...

I know her,very nyc gal. U rock babes

Lanre Adeloye said...

Ada..Not really a bad so so love the concept...lovely....
And Gold Emereonye isn't looking bad especially with that natural smile she puts on.

DiDi said...

NIce Concepts.. Come interview me! :)

Ada Denco said...

ok dido,whenever u are ready