Monday, 26 November 2012

Wow! Obese Woman Dies After Being Told She Was Too Heavy To Fly (PHOTOS)

Fifty six-year-old Vilma Soltesz died in Hungary after she was forced off three flights to New York due to her weight.
Weighing 425 pounds, the sickly and obese woman died from health complications while she was on vacation overseas. Her husband says that she gained weight over the holiday and needed to return back to NY to receive medical attention to treat her condition of kidney disease and diabetes. Soltesz only had one leg and used a wheelchair to get around.

The couple tried to fly back to NY for more than a week, but each attempt failed. The first airline that she tried to board asked her to leave because they did not have a seatbelt extender. The second said that their plastic wheelchair could not hold her weight and that it wouldn't be possible to put her on the sky-lift elevator. At the third airline, the fire department could not physically seat her in the airplane seat and she was eventually asked to leave.
Her husband plans to sue the airlines. Sad!


ola said...

whoa it such a pity to her... .follow me here for daily entertainment gist and celebrity lifestyle here at

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Eya said...

A pity to her. Now she can rest in peace!


I'm yet to see the gains in being fat.


I'm yet to see the gains in being fat

Anonymous said...

so sad,aleast she can rest now.@BRITHTINO, there is no gain in getting fat so have it in mind that no one deliberately gets fat.cos am pretty sure that woman never enjoyed her next time talk intelligently.