Sunday, 18 November 2012

Topic Of The Day: You've Been Dumped, Move On.

Why do most  men find it very hard to deal with when a lady tells them that it's over.
I mean, we ladies accept breakups and move on, but for men., it's a different case.
Is it an ego issue., or they hate being dumped.?
please share your thoughts



This is a serious jamb question but I will answer truthfully and honestly based on a man's point of view and personal experience. Firstly, A man might find it hard to move on if he truly loves the girl dumping usually do the dumping because we are more often in lust than in the love.And when we finally fall in love,karmma always plays a fast one on us by making us feel what we dish out all the time.when u see a man who is really hurt by the fact that he was dumped, he trully loved her.butif there is no love,he throws a party,invites his friends and glorifies God for setting him free.secondly,a man might find it hard to accept being dumped because of ego.we have this delusional mindset that we are meant to be the predators not the when the tables are turned,we find it hard to accept the same food which we serve. My advice to all guys is to treat your lady the same way you would want someone else to treat your sister, niece or future daughter. And always remember that God is watching you on 3D.

Lanre Classic said...

I think this is simple enough...guys believes it's so embarrassing to see their lady walk out of a relationship....they assume they are irresponsible and they should have done something different to avoid it

Glam File said...

Sometimes, it is a matter of chauvinism.


loolz hmm Ada,for a guy who loved sincerely and had no 2nd option prior to d breakup,its quite hard to move on.
When ma ex told me its over out of d blues,for no reason,I was somewhat devastated,I did all I could to buy time coz I never expected it,and luckily she decided to give us a second chance and BANG!! I dished out my own bombshell,and finally I was so gud to go.

~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

Natalie Leung said...

I think its definitely an ego issue, also they can't find the words as well as women can!