Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tonto Might Just Be Fooling The Gullible Ones

Ok,i actually bought the whole idea, but after i closely scrutinized the so called fan and tonto., there is something fishy.
Take a look at the neck tatoo, the skin color and the hair color., if you guys watched tonto's recent interview with cool fm., you will agree with me that the alleged fan is the one and only Madam Tonto...Why didn't the so called fan show her face?...smh


Anonymous said...

she did check stella dimoko's blog you will see her there showing her face

Jehovanni♥ said...

She did. Its on my blog. Her name is Princess.


I don't get it. So because I am a fan of obasanjo, I should get my face battered up to look like his just to prove my point?