Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Meet TV presenter Eku Edewor and twin sister, Kessiana

Never knew Miss Eku had a twin... 
They recently opened up about their lives as twins to a City People reporter.  Read the Excerpts below...

Eku: Having a twin made school very easy. We were a team, no one bullied us. We had lots of friends and we only ever needed each other.
Kessy: It's alway been welcome company. I had Georgina, (Eku) and wherever she is, I'm home really. I find it hard now with her being so far away. She understands like no other. 
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Eku: I used to get irritated when people didn't make an effort to differentiate us. I thought it was lazy as were were not identical; we do have clear differences. I don't mind anymore as I enjoy when people get confused.
Kessy: We both have strong personalities and a lot of similarities which can lead people to assume we're the same. From the outset it may seem that we are completely alike but when you get to know us, we're chalk and cheese. I am a massive homebody. I love to stay in and watch movies but Georgina loves to get out and be social. I can be quite anti-social if I'm not in the mood.
Eku: I'm less sensitive about things. I am more adventurous and carefree.
Kessy: Georgina has more of an eclectic taste in clothing. She likes patterns, colours and mixing styles together. I tend to stick to greys, beiges, whites, blacks. Monochrome dressing. I do venture into colours when the sun is shining but I stick to a uniform look.

Eku: (Taste in men)Well, I have dated mainly Nigerian men and Kess has dated mainly British men. But we both want similar qualities from whoever we date; committed, kind, generous, manly, considerate, faithful and ambitious.
Kessy: As she said, we go for different guys apart from one occasion which is old news now. Lesson learnt.

In case you didn't know, Kessiana and Eku (Georgina) Edewor are the grand children of late Delta billionaire, Chief James Edewor. 

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