Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I Married Him For Money, But After Marriage Everything Stopped

My name is Ayo. I am in my late 20’s. I have been married for 3 years. Okay let me start over again, I am writing this story because I want girls to read and learn from my experience.

I dated Alhaji for a while, not minding the fact that he has three wives. I was only interested in getting married, and it didn’t really matter who, as long as he had money, and I could be tagged a Lagos big girl. I eventually got married to alhaji, and he promised to buy me a house, car, and start up a business for me.
I got pregnant almost immediately and moved to one of his houses.

I thought alhaji would buy me a car immediately since I was carrying his baby but he always asked his driver to take me wherever I wanted. His excuse was that he did not want me to drive around because of my condition.

I later mentioned it to him and he told me he was going to get it once I had my baby.
Three months after my baby was born, I raised the issue of starting my business and getting my car again, and he just waved it up.

After six months I couldn’t take it again because alhaji started giving me just 25k monthly for upkeep and I had to do something. So I called one of my ex-aristos and told him my predicament. He was kind enough to give me 500k I added 200k I had to it and started my business.

Alhaji asked me where I got the money from I told him it was my savings. After a while he gave me a 2-door golf car, and I was disappointed because his wives drives jeeps but alhaji would not hear of it, he said that’s what he had for me so I took it.

When the shame became too much I started sleeping with aristos again secretly and I am living better now. I went to my family to tell them I want tot leave alhaji, but they disagreed because they all opposed my marriage at first and they all insist I must continue.

I am already making plans I have to leave alhaji next year I can’t continue to suffer. I don’t care what you guys think or say about me, I just want ladies like me to read and learn that “All that glitters is not gold”.
I married him for MONEY but after marriage everything stopped. He became a new man. 3 years of marriage and nothing to show for it 


Anonymous said...

Its the price you pay for greed

Anonymous said...

you are just a goat! you're still sleeping with aristos.. why can't you find a single guy and stop sleeping with other women's husbands

Glam File said...

But you still haven't learned, “All that glitters is not gold.”


But I can't still pinpoint d moral of dis story,coz u've not learnt ur lesson after what d Alhaji did to u,I guess u'll av to comeback after d new aristos must av thought u a bitter lesson.

~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

willow said...

Thank God you know where you went wrong and you don't need anyone's advice, go on soun! Idont know why we women never learn *sigh*

Anonymous said...

You obviously haven't learned. www.raqueldaily.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

How can you say, nothing to show for it? The child you have is called what? Thats a bundle of joy and blessings. you are a serious disgrace to womanhood. You were able to start a business with what you got, why dont you concentrate on how to make it bigger and better and work hard instead its aristos you are thinking of again, you really are lazy and have not learnt any lesson. What legacy are you leaving for your child???