Monday, 26 November 2012


History of our motherland...birthed in greed and riddled with corruption. The summary of it all in one documentary. A must watch for every true Nigerian and Africans as a whole. You'd be surprised at what you'll find out. Truly, the beautiful ones are not yet born...enjoy and share your thoughts!



Chineke! 2hours 35mins video? And it's 12:49am.I got to sleep. This has to wait till later in the day.this is a movie not a clip and needs to be watched with pop corn and ice Gd night guys. My comments on this later

lucabracee said...

.great documentary really awesome and i ll encourage as much people as i can to view it.while i am not supporting either of the three tribes and while i acknowledge the starvation of innocent biafran children including the senseless bloodshed i think the documentary is fraught with some historical inaccuracies..every single one of the leadership had their own faults there is none of them that can be absolved including ojukwu who allowed the starvation of innocent children in order to use it as a propaganda tool..ojukwu said you might ask us why we continued the war after seeing the genocide and he answered that because they saw themselves as victims..isnt that reason to end the war at that point?

he said that awolowo did not give the ibos who had money in banks their money this is totally wrong what was said is that anyone with evidence that they had money in the bank will receive their money the £20 was a general emolument irrespective of the individual's condition there is no nation on earth that will tell millions of its citizens to just mention a figure and then give it to them without evidence that is the recipe for hyper inflation and destruction of the economy besides it was said that most biafrans actually withdrew their money from banks prior to them joining biafra since cash is very light and easy to carry than properties

what i wish and would support is that the deaths of those biafran children must be looked into the families must be traced and the govt must compensate them this is long overdue and I'm surprised no one has undertaken this research better still this documentary film is a challenge to other nigerians to do a proper documentary on the events leading up to the civil war,everything that happened during and after.

gowon has a very ebullient and pleasant personality look at the way he was interacting with ojukwu in the aburi ghana meeting and the way he addressed phillip effiong..obasanjo once a farmer always a farmer thickly accented english lol

instead of our leaders to concentrate on sorting out the economy its ghana they were facing,look at the way ghananians were treated and we nigerians complain about british and american's treatment of us?in fact i ll keep my mouth shut from today.. look at ghana today compared to us/...look at how nigerian students were been pampered those days by an american university?

even the nigerian embassy is telling them not to inform nigerians hat theres no money

let us now ask ourselves..if buhari and idiagbon had been allowed to continue how will nigeria have looked today?

nigerians under 30years old are 55% of the total population.nigerians under 45years old are up to 60% of the entire population those who are holding us bondage are less than 10% of the population our destiny is in our hands and until we take the steps to snatch back our destinies the youths ll continue to suffer.

great post ada will frequent your blog when i can