Friday, 9 November 2012

Chris Brown Defines His Relationship With Rihanna In New Interview (VIDEO)

Chris Brown opened up during his interview with Boy Boy's Neighborhood radio show on Power 106. The world has been dying to know all the details of his new found friendship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and Breezy aired it all out. 

When asked if he and Rihanna were together, Chris Brown responded: 
"No. I put a webisode out explaining my situation. And with that it's just me being honest with my self. Me and her have history and me and her will always be the best of friends. We're working on our friendship now." 

When asked about the public's perception of their relationship, Chris responded: 

"Everyone feels so attached to this situation. It's still detrimental today, but that's why I'm doing the Genesse Center to show domestic violence is not okay. But as far as our personal life people got to give it a chance. Not even a chance, they need to shut the hell up. It's me. At the end of the day, whatever opinion they have ain't going to change nothing I'm doing...They're the fans, so sit back and watch. That's all you're doing anyway." 

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I love both of them. I think they should be left alone. It's their life.

willow said...

Abegi! Too much grammar,he should have just stated the obvious that they are friends with benefits.

Jehovanni♥ said...

I personally love dem 2geda, I don't really wat happened....