Monday, 1 October 2012

The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Nigeria!!!

obudu cattle ranch
If you are planning to visit Nigeria soon, there are so many beautiful places to visit.
Nigeria is blessed with natural beauty which is often overlooked by her citizens.
So next time you are going on a visit to Nigeria, be sure to visit the places i carefully Hand-picked for you guys!(this post  is purely my personal opinion)

Obudu Hills also know as Obudu Mountain Resort.
It is located in the Obaniku Local Government area of the northern part of Cross River State.It is an area where the wonderful work of nature can be appreciated with its awesome and almost indescribable views.
Olumo Rock in Abeokuta:

This is a very beautiful place to see. You will be forced to appreciate the wonders of nature if you visit. The rock is a protective edge for the indigenes of those days.
It has been modernized with elevator, eateries, and many more.

The place is truly unbelievable; imagine every luxury you need packed together in one place. Ideally located on the bay of Lagos where it is easy to access all other regions of the city , there is absolutely nothing to dislike. It is one of my favorite( Federal Palace Remains My First

Bar Beach  This is the main beach on Victoria Island, alongside Ahmadu Bello Way and one of the more popular beaches in Lagos State.
Oguta lake: It is the largest natural lake in Imo State and is supposed to have originated from a natural depression. A lot of renovations have taken place within a short period. Don't forget to visit there whenever you visit Imo state!
Concorde Hotel: A very Popular Hotel in Owerri, Imo State.
I would love to know your favorite destinations in nigeria, so pls share your thoughts and experience!

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Canadian Visa said...

No doubt that Nigeria has its own beauty and these places are the evidence of it. Glad that you've shared this. Thanks for sharing.