Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tee Mac Apologises For Calling Bishop Oyedepo A Money Grabbing Fraud

 It went viral yesterday that the ex PMAN president Tee Mac Iseli accused Bishop Oyedepo of being a money grabbing fraud, Now Tee Mac in a dramatic turn around is apologising to Bishop Oyedepo for making that accusation against him. 
He posted this on Facebook:

 Why You may have read on many blogs a statement I made about Bishop Oyedepo (the bloggers love to pick up any statement by a celebrity because they have nothing else to write)
I was angry when I saw on a FB site bya CKN the Challenger Bombardier plane(Mike Adenuga has one too, sold by mypartner to him) owned by Bishop Oyedepo. In Nigeria at the moment millions do not know where to take the money from to buy their next meal; millions go to bed hungry and then this opulence by a “Man of God”! I may have been a bit harsh and somehow regret that I even responded to that FB message, but I am a bit out spoken and don’t mean bad. I have seen Pastors and Men of God in Nigeria who carry bags of rice on their shoulder to help the Hungry, who drive cheap second hand cars and their office is a small cubicle, because they believe the money given to them by their congregation is given to them to distribute to the poor. I know a man of God who heals hundreds and doesn’t ask for one Naira, no he will even give the poor and sick transport money to go home. My partner and myself tried to sell him a second hand cargo plane so he can fly food and blankets to disaster areas, but that man of God stated: “I can not own a plane, even if you prepare a good lease/ repayment schedule, what will my congregation think? The money they put into the envelops on Sunday must be used to the last Naira for charity only”. If my statement about Bishop was offensive to him and his followers, I render herewith a sincere apology.


DiDi said...

Drama Everywhere..


I don't see why he should apologise when he was saying the TRUTH. Most of these men of God live large on the tithes and offerings of their poor congregation. They build schools that 80% of their members cannot afford. They fly and acquire private jets and choice properties while many of their members lavish in poverty and need. I am not a member of the synagogue church of all nations but i really admire Prophet T.B. Joshua for his charitable and simple lifestyle. TEE MAC was saying the obvious and had no reason to apologise. And instead of members of this churches to speak out, they say they don't want to incure the wrath of God by speaking against the Man of God. Cowards!

Ada Denco said...

@bright,u have vexed ooo
@dido enough drama globally


@ Ada: lol.....i haven't eaten when i wrote that. You know what they say "A hungry man is an angry man":) But seriously i feel sad but i know God is watching and will reward each of us (including me) according to our deeds in life. With that said, i rest my case.