Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Encounter With A Stranger!

My people, you will never believe what happened to me today at the supermarket.

I still can't get over it.

I went to the supermarket to pick something to eat and as I was walking down the isle, I noticed this man staring at me...

I looked at him and kept walking to the counter to pick bottle water and Cookies.

As I picked them and turned to find the same man right in front of my

I tried to give him some of my love so I smiled and said "Hi!" then I went on to get coke.

Can you believe that same man followed me through the store?

I was getting a little nervous and mad because he was following me without saying anything.

But you know me, trying to be friendly... I just said "Hi!"

He finaly responded and said,
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"I am sorry for staring but you look just like my youngest daughter... Who got missing years ago".

I felt stupid for getting mad as I expressed my sincerity to him.

He said he was fine as he knows that his daughter is with the lord.

Then he asked me to do him a favour.

I said "sure, if I can."

He said he was a bit sad that his daughter never said goodbye to him before passing on.

He asked me to get in line behind him and as he left the store I should say "Goodbye dad" so that he could have a sense of closure.

Though his request was weird, I however agreed to grant them.

So as he collected his bags from the cashier and walked away, I said "Bye Dad" he turned and said "Bye my dear daughter".

When the cashier calculated my bill, she said the total was $900

I shouted "what?... Can you please explain how a bottle of $3 water , $8 cookies and $2 can coke will sum to such amount?".

She said "your dad said you are paying for his bill too."

"My dad? That man is not my father!" I yelled back in response...

I quickly rushed out just in time to see the man moving towards the parking lot.

I ran after him and was screaming "excuse me... Excise me!!!"

He started running for his car as he saw me coming.

I caught him just before he was able to close his door.

I kept on pulling and pulling his legs!!!

Just like am pulling yours now!

Chei! Una too like gist, see as you sidon with seriousness dey read...lolzzz,hope you all had a great day?



loooooolz Ada u're a wierdoo,I was laughing at u coz u got played,just to end up being d real Mr Ibu here. Looolz

~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

BRIGHTINO said... really got me there :)

Ms Fabulassy said...

O my gosh u got me der. Hehehehehehe