Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lets Call It A Day! Enjoy this Comic Relief!

Just wanted to use this opportunity to give special shout outs to all my readers...i truly appreciate your supports and love...without your views, i won't be encouraged to guys Rock!
Just found  this joke and felt like sharing! hope u enjoy it!
A girl and her fiance decided to commit suicide and wed in heaven they went on top of a 26 Storey building to throw themselves down at the count of 3. On counting three the boy jumped down and the girl remained standing. halfway down the boy released a parachute and he landed safely. Who is  the dangerous liar between them?   
 Not so fast ...*WAIT* I've got a special gift for everyone, pls click to see

         Good Night Sugars! <3 Ada Denco.



Hmmmm was moved to blow u kiss via ma screen,but remembered am using a 3310,tanx dear we love u too.

~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

willow said...

Dem fit each other welli!Lol!

Ada Denco said...

aww,thanks @bonario