Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How do we Heal Our Nation?

I chose this legendary performance by Michael Jackson because it has the message we all need to remember.
Together we can Heal our nation and  make it a better place to live in.
We can stop this violence, our youths are the hopes of a better tomorrow...Let us learn to value the lives of each other.



To the Nigerian Child d future seems his greatest fear.
A country where d youths are constantly impeded from actualizing their possiblities.
A nation where u endup retiring with ur father's agemate in d same office.
Children are d leaders of tomorrow,now seems like what a perv uses to lure an ignorant teen.
I guess Obasanjo whose questions about,I crammed then in my nursery skul is among d leaders of tomorrow.
Babangida whose face always graced my black and white TV screen then,is also a leader of tomorrow.
Buhari whose war against indiscipline I only heard from my Dad is also a leader of tomorrow.

Is Nigeria cursed or are we d cause?

~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

Ada Denco said...

my dear,i believe we should blame ourselves to an extent, a nation where illiteracy dominates...what do we expect?
We keep on getting fooled and end up celebrating the same people that converted our treasury for their personal use.
It's all about common sense, when we realize the impact we can make in our nation, then the changes we crave for will manifest.


@ Ada: you said it all. I totally agree with you