Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hot Gist!: StellaDimoKokorkus vs Uncle Jim Iyke

Y'all remember the story Aunty stella reported about Uncle Jim's alleged 11 yr-old Love Son? Oh well it seems uncle didn't take it lightly with Aunty stella and bloggers that re-posted the story.
Trust stella to give it back to him in a hot way...lol
Here is an unedited write up stella posted on her blog yesterday:

I start this memo by quoting the lyrics from Abolore Akandes(9ice)song where he mentioned the words "baaaaastard"in reference to his ex friend rugged man.
Ikechukwu(Jim my axx) you are exactly what 9ice said,a "baaaaastard"
I did an exclusive story that your 11yr old son has surfaced,which is true,abi you wan contest am?
The story went viral and probably spoilt your chances of one of your yahoo-yahoo love scams in Houston where you are as I write this. ---and you go gaga?
...And  you used your cunnilingus fingernails to dial my home phone and use the swear words on my family ......to the hearing of my children who are still traumatized,the children you so badly desire to have one day as a human being,the ones you used to refer to as "beautiful'.
You called me "ugly bitch" and you are so frigging correct,the thing is of all your plenty sisters,I cannot remember anyone of them winning the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria beauty pageant or even Miss world.
Your anger has brought you nothing but bad luck.ask yourself why you have no true friends or why no press man will touch you with a long pole. ...go on,ask yourself!
hehehe...this is getting more interesting...click to continue
You keep threatening to beat up anyone you enter into your log of bad books and I wonder if you are Superman. Na so you go Cameron them beat you so tey your fingers broke and you cooked up the "falling on a glass table"story.tell it to the cuckoos!
If you ever think of swearing to beat me up because I did an exclusive that you have an 11yr old son who is in existence,I will find you and the day you lay your epileptic hands on me will be the last day you ever try to beat up any woman again!...agbaya go and find your mate to bully!
At your age(you don pass 40yrs abeg)you should be happy of such news but instead you are in Houston running from various one dollar shops to another and after you go spread pics for Internet begging for headlines like "Jim iyke spends trillions on shopping spree"..Na today?
If you read this memo,you are free to leave an anonymous hater comment here or any where else but please delete my numbers from your phone and do not call.
Go and see a shrink doctor and get help for anger management abeg.
You seem to think everyone is envious of you,wetin you get?you freaking parade used cars in your 'rented'garage in Abuja,I roll a brand new Mercedes,tear rubber!
I know you will read this,so I close with this 'stellar advice'
"It is only an heediot like you that refuses to see the handwriting on the wall,even when the letters are slapping at your pomo mouth".
You are a liar,a cheat and you have a wicked wicked heart. if you call me ugly because I kick ass with my stories,remember I granted you your first ever interview where you said your then ex(actress stephnora okere)used to beg to be beaten before sex?bollocks!
All the 11years i have been a reporter,i have done nothing but defend your sorry ass even when i knew your hands were soiled...that's what 'freinds' are for !
This is a friendly memo,if you push me again,I will get 'high' for you and send another one copying the governor of benue state swansan!.....A word is enough for the wise....you ain't.
I thought the devil was a liar till I became friends with you!.....na you train devil to lie!
The next time you try to set me up again,I will be waiting for you at the trap and I will fix the hook on your shriveled,over used balls!
Remember that I am not Cornell udofia the reporter you messed up/tried to use to mess me up. My name Na 'sterra'!


Anonymous said...

this is what i call beef of the highest order. Issorait a word is enuf for the wise


She endedup sounding like Jim,two wrongs cannever make a right,there are polite ways of driving home ur anger and at d same time making d person committ egoistic suicide,she would av gone poetic.

~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

ogbonnaya amarachi said...

Birds of same feather

ogbonnaya amarachi said...

Birds of same feather

Rachel said...

As for me...d dude got served...is he d only celebrity dey talk abt....

willow said...

Jim has met his match, Stella wey no send anybody....


why is jim pissing off a lot of ladies these days? ladies used to love jim just like they love cool J.