Thursday, 27 September 2012

Video: Gabrielle Union explains why so many successful women are lonely (and why she dates a much younger man)

When asked why she thinks so many successful, intelligent, independent black women are single, Gabby said, “I think [women] struggle” with giving power to men.
“My girlfriends and I are very independent,” said Union, 40. “We’ve been doing it WELL on our own for a long time, and sometimes that’s hard to give up a little power — to sort of acquiesce to another person and let somebody else lead sometimes — or all the time.”
Union, who is probably more familiar with being successful and lonely than most women, explained why she chose to date a much younger man (NBA star Dwyane Wade).
“Men who are in our age range also have a lot of options , and maybe sometimes it’s easier to go younger with a lot less expectation,” she said.
Union summed it all up by saying, “We’re up against a lot, but I think the person we see in the mirror is our biggest obstacle.”
Oh well,i kinda agree with her
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