Thursday, 27 September 2012

Meet the “Poorest President” in the World – Uruguayan President José Mujica Drives a Volkswagen Beetle & Donates 90% of his Salary to Charity

While our Nigerian leaders are being berated for refusing to declare their assets publicly and demanding salary rise to add to the already exorbitant allowances they receive, the President of Uruguay, José Mujica is getting world wide recognition and respect for donating 90 percent of his earnings to charitable causes.

He has earned what most people would call an enviable reputation as the “poorest,” or the “most generous,” president in the world. His nickname, “el presidente mas pobre” translates to “poorest president”.

The President said in a recent interview that the only big item he owns is his Volkswagen Beetle car, valued at $1,945 dollars (about N308,283) . He earns a salary of $12,500 a month (N1,981,250), but only keeps $1,250(N198,125) for himself, donating the rest to charity.

He lives in a farmhouse which is under his wife’s name,  Lucía Topolansky, a Senator, who also donates part of her salary.
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The 77 year-old who has been Uruguay’s president since March 1, 2010 told El Mundo, “I do fine with that amount; I have to do fine because there are many Uruguayans who live with much less.”

It was also reported that under his stewardship, Uruguay has become known for low levels of corruption. The South American country ranks as the second least corrupt country in Latin America in Transparency International’s global corruption index.

This s really worth emulating! 



I'm stunned. This man has a heart of gold and i pray God will bless him with long life and good health. Infact this man deserves to be president in nigeria, i don't care if he is nigerian or not. He is truly a leader.

osaze said...

The matter taya me. We only one in a trillion. If this kind of a man rule Nigeria for six months,believe me,we will rank the best Nation in the world. Our so called leaders would not mind killing sure a man. May God bless him