Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Man murders woman for not telling him she was HIV positive

A Dallas woman was stabbed to death by her boyfriend when she told him she was HIV positive after they had sex. Larry Dunn is being held on $500,000 bail in the Dallas County jail. Dunn, 38, told authorities they had only dated briefly when Bolden confessed she was HIV positive. According to police records, Dunn said Bolden told him not to worry because having HIV was “not that bad.”
Dunn told police he stabbed Bolden twice in the neck with a kitchen knife. Bolden’s two young children found her bleeding to death on the bedroom floor. She was naked from the waist down.
Dunn later told police, “She killed me, so I killed her.



Since they were still dating(not married) it's most likely he must have had unprotected sex with her which made him believe he has also contracted the virus. It's really sad. The lady should have told him she was HIV positive before having unprotected sex with him. And the guy should have also worn a condom since he didn't have any HIV test with her to determine their status. I really pity the two young kids she left behind and who are going to grow up without the love of a parent. So sad:(

Anonymous said...

Think d woman deserved what happened to her, she should ve told him abt dis before sexual rtnship with d guy