Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Chris Brown gets new tattoo in the same spot as Rihanna’s

It seems that singers Chris Brown and Rihanna are caught up in a strange Folie à deux (shared psychosis) relationship.
2 days after Rihanna debuted her ‘wings’ tattoo on her chest in honor of her deceased grandmother, Dolly, Chris Brown revealed his new tattoo of a fighter jet — in the same spot on his chest. (Get it? “fighter” jet).
Brown’s neck tattoo of a battered woman — who looked strikingly similar to Rihanna — made headlines earlier this week. Brown’s camp denies the tattoo is Rihanna. But they can’t deny the weird coincidence of the placement of Brown’s latest tatt. What’s going on?

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Like i said before, it's so obvious they are still in love with each other. They are just scared of public opinion if they get back together. I really wish they would come back together. No one is perfect or above mistakes. They both made a mistake and i'm sure they ve' learnt from it.