Friday, 18 May 2012

Shocker! Nigerian housemates Chris and Ola Exit The Big Brother StarGame

Nigerian housemates Chris and Ola have left The Big Brother StarGame after asking for a voluntary exit in their diary session today. The reason was because of ola's increased Blood Pressure that needs medical attention outside the house.
He also added that the constant fight between Zainab and Seydou didn't help his condition and he made them reconcile! i hope we won't see more drama from them.
In accordance with the game rules governing the DownVille house, where contestants play as partners, Chris has also left the game
I wish him a quick recovery, feel so sad.
Good luck to both of them though.

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Health is wealth. A dead man can't spend 300,000 dollars. Just that i feel so sad for chris. I wish both of them goodluck.