Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bye Facebook...Hello Mavin League!

In case you don't know, Mavin record is not only a website, it's also a form of social network called 'Mavin League'.
I just signed up there and trust me it is Fun. Very soon,our Naija people will abandon their Facebook account and focus on Mavin
I really commend their creativity, the social network they incorporated in the site is an avenue of bringing their fans together.
Patiently waiting for Nollywood to release a movie called "Mavin League"...hehehe, if it happens, i prophesied it first ooo...but if not,well... 
Click to visit the page Mavinrecords... See you There


Richard Bernard said...

kuul idea, but for naija peeps to leave fb??? hmmmm


I just visited the site and it's cool but i don't feel people will abadon facebook for it. And like u requested, i just joined u :). And for your prophesy about the Mavin movie, with nollywood, anything is possible :)

Jide Ogunsanya said...

Nice one there but I can't leave fb because of it. You can add me as friend: