Friday, 13 April 2012

THROWBACK FRIDAY: Am calling (Ma Bebe) By SKY B

Quick note on how my day went:

Waking up today was very peaceful...after a very stressful week, it's finally Friday!
 Classes today were quite emotional, Witnessed an Autopsy.
I realized that life is not always about "fun, enjoyment,etc" needed to see the pretty girl, she was just 26yrs and died of Tuberculosis.
Death doesn't respect any Personality...let's try and Mend our Ways.
Back to the Headline:

Sky B was quite popular for his Hit track "Am calling" back in the days when the internet wasn't easily accessible to everyone... Thank God for the speed of Technology!
I surprisingly came across this song few days back and am just wondering what happened to his carrier?
Where is the "am calling" crooner hiding,? His colleagues are doing Big things, so i guess it's time for a Comeback!
Watch the video after the Jump

You might wear a long face at the video, but calm down...this was years back!

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I can imagine how you feel. When we get to see young people who are younger than us or within our age bracket die, we begin to realise that death can come to both young and old alike. It's just sad that many young people have decided to ignore this stark reality and live Godly lives. Anyway,don't worry, by the time u graduate, you will become less emotional at the sight of a corpse. I wish you luck in your studies. As for me, i can't look at a corpse not to talk of studying it. I will have nightmares for a week. Kudos to you and all those who have the courage to do that.