Wednesday, 18 April 2012

OUTRAGE: Swedish Minister of Culture Celebrates With ‘Nigger Cake’

Shocking images of the Swedish Minister of Culture carving into a “nigger cake” are sweeping the Internet. The bizarre incident occurred on Saturday in Sweden when Swedish minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth celebrated a tax funded party for the Stockholm cultural elite, aka cultural elitist snobs.
The cake depicts an African tribal woman’s breasts, abdomen and vaginal areas. The icing is rich chocolate, and the cake is red velvet.
The Minister of Culture is pictured laughing as she performs a clitoridectomy on the cake by slicing into the area of the cake that depicts the genitals.

Makode Linde, the Swedish “performance artist” is also responsible for baking the offensive cake. Maybe it will comfort you to know that Makode is black? See what he looks like after the break.

Photos of the “nigger cake” sparked anger and outrage amongst blacks all over the world when the photos first surfaced on Makode’s facebook page Tuesday. Many critics said the Swedish minister was an example of a cultural elitist who has her cake and wants to eat it, to.

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Richard Bernard said...

really i aint surprised!