Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mercy emerges winner of Nigerian Idol 2012

Mercy has emerged winner of Nigerian Idol 2012. She(a.k.a. Chinwo Nnenda) beat Joe Blue in the second edition of the popular Nigerian television show.
She will be walking away with the Enviable prize of a recording contract, an SUV and $100,000 chilling in her Bank Account.
Big Congrats to her! She really deserves her Victory.


Anonymous said...

Yeah she deserves it. Congrats to her - BRIGHTINO

iamfascinating said...

i looooooovvvvveee Mercy, she deserves it! Success is continuous top delivery! yay!

Bamidele said...

Whaoo! I thought as much In fact I sent my congratulatory message alread before now to Mercy. Joe Blue tried but, It's Mercy All the Way! Thumbs Up!to Mercy.
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happy Easter dear

Anonymous said...

Meecy was fantastic and I had no doubts she really deserves it she was strong from the beginning to the end!!! I loved Zombie, chop your money and she works hard for the money