Friday, 6 April 2012


Katy Perry covers the new issue of Teen Vogue, and the singer/Smurfs starlet talks about fashion, friends, fame and how she'd like to do more films, but according to her, it's not all rainbows and sunshine. Boo hoo!
On her success, Katy tells the mag, "I'm not like, 'Ugh, number one again.' It's funny, though—my label gets so caught up in the statistics, just because they're excited. But for me, I don't need to grind it into anyone's head that I'm popular. If you like my music, great, and if you don't, whatever. I'm going to keep making it either way."

So how does fame play a role in all of this? "I'm tired of being famous already! But I'm not tired of creating. Fame is, I think, just a disgusting by-product of what I do. It's quite a delicate creature— it's a wild animal of sorts. It can love you, and then it can attack you. I still want to be as approachable and relatable as possible—when I meet fans and they're crying, I'll say, 'Calm down, there's nothing to cry about. I'm not going to bite you or attack you or grant you three wishes. Let's just hang out and have a good time.' But really, I stopped focusing on what other people think a while ago. If you try to be everything to everyone, you'll only end up completely confused."

On her inner circle, Katy says, "My friends are so awesome and hilarious. They're the same friends I've had since I first moved to L.A., and they can make anything fun. We could literally be in a padded room with no furniture and we'd be able to have a dance party, play games, and just have the best conversation ever."

Oh well Katy, stop lying to yourself...You LOVE Being Famous!

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Anonymous said...

Lol. She is lying. One can get tired of bad publicity but not fame - BRIGHTINO