Tuesday, 17 April 2012

James Ibori Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison in UK Court

James Ibori, former governor of Delta state has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for corruption and money laundering charges at the Southwark Crown Court 9 in London.
Veteran sportsman, John Fashanu, made an appearance in the court today. He testified saying the former governor achieved a lot in sports, and was instrumental to the end of militancy in the state. He told the court that Ibori built nine mini-sports stadia and three Olympic-sized stadia in Delta state and also built the first shooting range in Nigeria.
Well,Fashanu's appearance helped a bit because the judge admitted it as 'new evidence' and adjourned for almost two hours saying he had to re-write his already written sentence.
In addition to his 13 yrs in prison, his properties will be confiscated.



Well he is lucky he is not serving his jail term in kirikiri.

Richard Bernard said...

if it were here in Nigeria, he would have spent maybe 18months then celebrate after his release