Saturday, 7 April 2012


Heidi just filed for a divorce from Seal after a longstanding Irreconcilable difference.

According to the docs filed by Heidi's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, the couple signed a post-nup -- meaning they made an agreement after they got hitched to separate their assets. As a result, sources say there is no community property to be divided.

Heidi is asking for joint legal custody of their 4 kids, but she wants primary physical custody ... with Seal getting visitation rights.

Heidi is asking the judge to restore her maiden name -- that would be Klum, although she always used it professionally.

Heidi, who is worth a fortune, is asking the judge to reject any claim for spousal support by either her or Seal. And she wants Seal to pay his lawyer's fees. She'd gladly pay Wasser herself.

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Anonymous said...

Sad. This couples used to renew their vows every year. I wonder what wrong. But i admire the amicable way they are divorcing. - BRIGHTINO