Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dear Women, A Very Deep Question - By Poetri{Video}

Viewer discretion is Adviced
This is a very intense Video, What do you guys think?
Besides, i apologize for being absent, i have been very busy with some serious things lately, will definitely make it up! 1 love<3 



Wow. A three minutes thought provoking video for women. It's so sad that most ladies have lost their self esteem and worth. I wish all ladies could watch this.

Anonymous said...

Any room ƒor those on mobile. Not everyone is on desktop.

Poetri The Poet said...

Thank you.

Poetri The Poet said...

Thank you

Somewhere in Moscow said...

aww poetri, my pleasure!
i really enjoyed your speech,the way it was delivered and i am glad my readers learnt something from it!
keep it up.