Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba discharged from hospital

Fabrice Muamba earlier suffered from a cardiac arrest while playing a match last month. 
He was discharged yesterday from the London Chest Hospital.
click to see the videoFabrice collapses on the field



After witnessing the death of a player last week on t.v. while playing on the field and if i recall the number of footballers who have died while playing on the field,it makes me thank GOD for maurice muamba. This is a miracle. How can one's heart stop for over 60 minutes and he still survives? GOD is great. What baffles me though is this - i thought exercising makes a man fit and his heart healthy. How then can a footballer who trains regularly and exercises often have a heart attack?

Somewhere in Moscow said...

Hi dear!
i am aware that the heart can stop for 60minutes(1hr) and the person can survive.
I have seen such in a surgery case, to prevent blood outflow, you have to stop the heart for 1hr( it must not exceed 1hr,if not the patient will die)


Thanks Ada for the explanation.