Thursday, 12 April 2012

21 Year Old Student Takes Her Ambition To Another Level By Posing Nude

A 300-level student of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, NIJ, Ogba, Lagos, released a nude photo of herself to break into Nollywood, saying she wants to be famous and rich. The 21-year-old student, Ms. Enitan Adeshola Okesanya, vowed to enter the industry with a big bang.
In her own words:

“I think there is something missing in the industry and that’s me. I seriously think so.
I have got this talent and passion inside me that I want to show to everybody out there. I want the world to see what I have got inside me, the God-given talent inside me, and I know that the media are actually waiting for that young person that will come and blow everybody away. That’s why I believe that they are looking for me. As long as my strength can carry me. Since it’s about passion, I don’t think I can get tired. I will not stop until I am done, not even when I am tired.

I love acting. I love fame. I hate poverty and I want to be rich. Ever since I was a child I always wanted to be in the big screen. I think the time has come for me to show the world what I’ve got inside me. I think because I am personally cr*zy. I love creativity. I love doing things that are so unusual. I don’t want to be doing everyday things.  
When I take a picture and people keep wondering, who’s that girl? I want to just create a controversy. That’s why I love taking cr*zy pictures.  
Acting is basically more than what we see on the screen. I could use acting to pass messages to the less privileged out there, to different people in our society. I could use acting and movies to impact knowledge into people’s lives because there are so many people out there that are looking for one thing or the other and through the expression of what I feel inside, through acting, I believe that I could pass messages across to the average people out there.”

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Darl,this picture will only take you to "Pornywood"
Porn isn't a good market in Naija, so I suggest you go abroad.



It's so clear that this young lady has nothing to offer. Responsible ladies attract attention to themselves through their intelligence, beauty, sense of humour, good character, fear of GOD, decent dressing, nice cooking, hardwork, dilligence and decency. It is clearly evident that this young lady does not possess any of the above qualities. That is why she has desperately resorted to go naked and use the only CV and qualification she has which is her FILTHY body. It is even a shame to the nigerian movie industry for her to suggest that baring body parts is the way to become successful in the nigerian movie industry. I hope she takes a clue from cossy ojiakor who towed the same line she is currently towing and ask herself the following questions- Where is cossy today? Did all the body parts cossy exposed in movies and magazines make her a multi-millionaire? Did any man find cossy so appealing to make her his wife? Did it bring her negative or positive fame? SMH


Ada, i just went to face book and typed in the young lady's name and from the photos on her facebook account, the lady in the bath tub is not Enitan adeshola okesanya. Enitan is very dark in complexion but the lady in this bath tub pic is fair. She is an undergraduate of NIJ and from the pics she took with fred amata, segun arinze, monalisa chinda and other movie stars, i think she is already in the movie industry. This whole bath tub pic was just a publicity stunt. The lady in the pic is not her. But from the posts on her wall and comments from her, she is enjoying the fame and publicity.

Somewhere in Moscow said...

Yea, i saw that earlier...

Anonymous said...

Shame on you whoever you are.She is surely going to regret this picture soon enough.