Friday, 16 March 2012

"Where are all the talented Nigerians?"-By Chika Uwazie

The other day on a train I overhead a cacausian women talking about the scandal between the Austrialian woman catching Nigerians doing 419 scams. She then went on to say that there are not too many trusted professional Nigerians, and I was baffled by her statement. Nigerians are all over the world and we are dominating all fields including medicie, science, politics, entertainment, finance, and technology. I couldn’t imagine why she would say such a bold statement , but then I thought with the high levels of unemployment in Nigeria can you blame her. Many hiring managers echo similar sentiments saying they can not find enough skilled Nigerians to fill the positions they have. Because of the sequence of these events I decided to create a fanpage where all Nigerians all over the world can share their talents.
This is a place for all talented Nigerians, Web designers, Web developers, Mobile developers, Animators, Graphic designers, Movie producers, Film producers, Business writers, Accounting auditors, Artists, etc WITHIN Nigeria to join and show the world that we have talented professionals in our country. We must show the world that Nigerians are bursting at the seams with talent, and if you do not believe us this fanpage is proof.
Pls click to join the fanpage  Talented Nigerians


Anonymous said...

Very nice idea.kudos chika

sunshine said...

Wow,brilliant idea chika!Definitely Joining