Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wendy Williams on Rihanna: “There’s something very devilish about her”

TV host Wendy Williams recently sat down over at ThatGrapeJuice.TV, where she dished on a number of “hot topics” (in her words), including her come-up in the industry, the criticism she faces constantly and more.
Wendy even gave her opinion on Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s recent musical reunion, and talked about Rihanna’s “devilish” ways.
On Chris Brown & Rihanna Reuniting…Musically:
[Rihanna's] no angel; he’s definitely no angel. I like Rihanna, but there’s something very devilish about Rihanna. Like, if I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her to be a fan of Rihanna – the person. The music is cool, but I’m able to separate the two. Chris Brown, the kid’s got a great voice he’s very very talented but very weird and very toxic to himself. So the two of them together is the perfect match (laughs). It’s a dangerous match but it’s perfect
For more from Wendy check out the full interview here!


lolita said...

wow for some reason i kinda agree i mean i dont think Rihanna is devil ish or anything but they kinda twisted lol x

Somewhere in Moscow said...

lol,wendy is a big case though.
Meanwhile,glad you visited my blog!!!

**OnYxStA** said...

i dunno if I can agree with such a judgemental standpoint on someone's faith & character


Otis Redding said...

This just another stupid talk from dis ugly traney. She gotta watch her life b4 judging odas. This same bitch alleged dat Tupac got raped in jail. She been doing this same badmouthing for years. Just as Pac said in his song, 'I hope she choke on a fat d*ck'!

And besides, nice blog!

Somewhere in Moscow said...

thanks a lot! @your comment

DIDI said...

we all entitled to our opinions..under no circumstances must we call another human evil..

Moya2bean said...

I love this blog already..all about celebs? So for me! New follower by the way!
Wendy is a mess..
Oh! And chris and rih rih..coming together for a song??
I loved it. i hate to say it but i LOVED it