Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ray J Says He’s “Still Hurting” Over Whitney Houston’s Death [VIDEO]

Ray J is still feeling the loss of R&B icon Whitney Houston, who passed away last month in California at the age of 48.
During an appearance Friday at the Brotherhood Crusade and Mothers in Action event in Los Angeles, Ray J opened up publicly for the first time about the death of his dear friend Whitney Houston.

“I really miss my friend, you know, I really do,” an emotional Ray J told reporters. “I’m still hurting.”
“I’m really emotional right now, I really don’t know what to say,” he continued. “It’s just such a tough time for me. I been through a lot in these past two weeks. I’m able to look at life a whole different way.”
During Ray J’s charitable visit, the 31-year-old also donated school supplies to children in need.
“Like Whitney, I love giving back to kids,” he said. “I enjoy being around people that support me and that give me a sense of peace, and that’s what these kids do for me.”
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Moya2bean said...

Do you think it was more than a friendship?
no one explained..
Hmm..I wonder?

Somewhere in Moscow said...

lol,i had the same thoughts,but we all know it's more than that.