Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Former Delta State Governor James Ibori Pleads Guilty in a UK Court + His life In the Fab Lane.

Former Governor of Delta State James Ibori on Monday Pleaded guilty to laundering millions of dollars from the oil rich state.He was accused of stealing over $250million dollars from public funds. However, his criminal records didn't start now...Ibori has been convicted in Uk before,in 1991, for stealing from a DIY store in london where his wife worked as a cashier.
With this  plea, Ibori will face up to 10 yrs in the U.K prison
It's amazing how he became the Governor of a state after all his Bad records.
One thing for sure is that he lived a Very Flamboyant Lifestyle...He owned a lot of properties all over the world
Here are some pictures of some of the properties he acquired during his two-term reign as Delta state Governor
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An apartment owned by his sister, Christine Ibori-Ibie in Brent, North-West London

His luxury home in Kenton, North-West London
His luxury home in Lagos, Nigeria
Ibori's home in Abuja, Nigeria

Ibori's £120,000 Bentley Continental
Ibori owned an apartment in this block on Abbey Road, London
Ibori's £2.2million house in Hampstead 
Ibori's £311,000 property in Shaftesbury, Dorset
Property owned by his mistress, Udoamaka Onuigbo in London

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Anonymous said...

His Excellency was tricked so the british courts can keep the money as they did with Dariye. by cutting short the trial -effectively no trial all of the docs could not be presented to the public. when they returned Dariyes confiscated loot they didnt return all of it and kept nearly half which was not accounted for ... so it is going to be in this case. Do you know how much was in the accounts? I dont even think that the efcc does nor will they know.
I wish nigerians would wake up and take care of their own affairs instead of thinking that unjust oyinbo courts would clean their backyard for them. Whilst you are all saying yes nice once - the British courts is walking off with your money. Do youhonestly think that these meagre houses and stuff presented here is a playboy lifestyle - let us get real...and even when the sell these stuffs they arent going to sell it at market price